The Global View

The global view acts as an overview of all your segments (all languages, all namespaces).
This view is mainly useful to get a quick overview and is especially useful to:
  • Review your changes before saving with the help of visual diffs
  • Accept/reject pending reviews
  • Import/Export translations in various formats
  • Translating "simpler" segments directly without using the focus view

Bulk actions

By clicking on the arrows icon, you can switch from the filter section to the bulk section:
This bulk section is mainly useful to do these actions:
  • Bulk translating your content using your translation memory or machine translations (like Google Translate or DeepL)
    • Machine translation can also be configured to be done automatically. To know more have a look at this.
  • Set/Unset tags
  • Search and replace text
  • Delete translations
These bulk actions are always applied based on your current filter/search criteria, so if you have no specific filter/search criteria it will be applied on the whole project (version).
If a filter/search is "active", you'll see this filter icon near the bulk actions:
search or filter criteria active
bulk action marked to be applied based on filter