The Global View

The global view acts as an overview of all your segments (all languages, all namespaces).

This view is mainly useful to get a quick overview and is especially useful to:

  • Review your changes before saving with the help of visual diffs

  • Accept/reject pending reviews

  • Import/Export translations in various formats

  • Translating "simpler" segments directly without using the focus view

  • Search/Filter your translations (fyi: fuzzy marked translations are translations done with machine translation or translation memory)

Bulk actions

By clicking on the arrows icon (BULK ACTIONS), you can switch from the filter section to the bulk section:

This bulk section is mainly useful to do these actions:

  • Bulk translating your content using your translation memory or machine translations (like Google Translate or DeepL)

    • Machine translation can also be configured to be done automatically. To know more have a look at this.

  • Set/Unset tags

  • Search and replace text

  • Delete translations

These bulk actions are always applied based on your current filter/search criteria, so if you have no specific filter/search criteria it will be applied on the whole project (version).

If a filter/search is "active", you'll see the matched segments number between arrows and this filter icon near the bulk actions:

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