The InContext view

Often doing correct translations needs more information by providing more context information. The best context is always the place where the content is shown - your website.
So we decided to bring the locize project closer to your website/application:
Correctly integrated you can click any text element on your website shown in the iframe and it will be used to search for the correct matching key/value on the left side. Need to navigate on your own page you can turn off/on the click interception using the button next to your website Url.
Make sure to select the current language you work on at the top.
An example video on how this could look like can be found here.

Setup and configuration

1) Adding the locize script

Add the locize script to your page. More in detail information/how to can be found here.

2) Define urls

  1. 1.
    Navigate to your project's settings:
  2. 2.
    Select "Set InContext editor urls" in the menu:
  3. 3.
    Set the desired url(s):
  4. 4.
    Back to your project overview, navigate to the InContext Editor:

3) Optional

Instrument the locize script or the locizify script to show a link to open the InContext editor directly on your website.
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