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You are a developer and like to integrate locize directly to your app?

There are a few options to integrate locize into your code base:

You got some files you like to import or want to add some segments manually?

By default a "latest" version is created for your project.

You got some files you like to import?

Choose the "Import File" below in the "..." more dropdown on the languages section.

Add languages

Make sure to add all desired languages.
Also new languages can be added via that dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can navigate to your settings page...
...and and add new languages there:
You can also add a new language via the API.

You want to add translation segments manually?

Like before, you can add new namespace from your project overview or via settings page.
Now click on the created namespace in the "Start to translate" card.
You can open the namespace in the "Global View" or in the "Focus View".
To add a new segment/text click the ADD button.
Enter a segment key and a segment value and click ADD.
Click the SAVE button to confirm your work.
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