Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help justifying the usage of locize? Simply copy and paste the below into an email.

Dear {Boss Name},

I’d like to use It is THE localization as a service solution to use, as it is premier choice for developers and translators.

This is the solution we should take to solve our localization problems.

Unfortunately, we did the mistake by looking on localization as it’s only based on instrumenting our code and extract texts into resource files. But as we now finally know, it’s not.

We should stop putting the translations inside our code repository. It does not really belong there. The localization team should have access very early . Even more they should be able to start translating the features already ready for shipping.

As you know we have big troubles with our localization process. Before a release there are some terms that are not used anymore others are new and not yet translated, some new translations come back after we already shipped the release, etc…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could change or add translations without shipping a new release of our software?

That’s why I suggest to separate the localization process from the development process.

locize is a cloud service that solves the problems we described earlier and even more.

The translations are managed in our locize project and published from there to the locize CDN to be consumed from our application. And If there are concerns about connectivity in production we can even download the translations and ship them by our own.

The localization team can take care of the translations from the first day and keep up with changes with ease.

The processes are separated. Translations can be updated without the need to release an update of our app.

Further we keep full overview about what is translated, what is automatically translated via machine translation and what not — even more if we order translations from the integrated translation providers we also keep track of our open orders.

And even if we decide to export and import translations from our project we never loose control as the tooling helps us when merging by showing all the changes that are made.

I have already looked at how we could integrate locize and I was blown away by how well this works.

I am seeking approval for the subscription fee starting at $5 per month. The good point here is: the costs are based on our usage.

I’m convinced, locize will help us to handle the localization process in our projects, we really should give it a try:

Did you know this other curiosity? - The founders of locize are also the creators of i18next (the top open source internationalization framework, we're already using).​

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns; otherwise, I hope we can make this opportunity work.


{Your Name}

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