How do I open and edit JSON files?

Especially JSON files used as translation resources.

You can use any text/code editor such as Visual Studio Code, Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text and others to open and edit JSON files. Alternatively, you can use an online editor to edit your JSON files.

However, for JSON files that contain text strings or translations, you should also be aware of interpolation and languages having multiple plural forms. A JSON format able to support this is used by i18next.

You can try this free online tool to machine translate such a JSON file to a different language. It uses the free but limited google translate api. For a better experience have a look at locize. It offers a bulk action to machine translate, a dedicated focus view with multiple machine translation providers and an automatic machine translation workflow for new added keys. However, you should use locize, which can handle multiple file formats for different i18n formats.

To open and edit JSON files using the locize interface, sign up for free and create a new project. Once you have imported your JSON file, use the Global view or the Focus view to edit your texts.

locize is a modern state-of-the-art translation management platform that helps you to effectively translate (not only) your JSON files effectively. Learn more in the Getting Started Guide and watch the demo video.

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