How is locize different from the alternatives?

When we started work on locize we wanted to be more than just another localization as a service offering. While we liked to offer a similar service we chose to be different in following points:

Pricing model

Our pricing model is variable. We prefer to have the pricing to grow with your success. Don’t pay too much just by scratching the border of the next bigger plan.


While we offer a one-liner script solution to get you website translated, we also offer you the full power of a mature i18n framework (i18next). So our solution is flexible enough to respond on any demand you have. A living ecosystem is there to ensure your success.


Not only the demands on i18next but our own experience in big cloud projects made it clear that our solution needs to provide support for versioning. You can’t really support a software development process without proper versioning.

Service lock in

While we hope you’re happy with our service we choose not to lock you into our service. We trust in the additional value of our service so you are free to export your translations and use them using i18next.


The creators of i18next are also the founders of locize. By using locize you'll get the best possible support for i18next. There is simply no better alternative 😉

How we integrate 3rd party translation services

If anyhow possible we try to integrate the translation services the way you can profit of the additional features they provide. Depending on service:

  • Finalize the project, eg. add additional documents,…

  • Choose to work with your preferred translators

  • Approve the translations

  • Contact with your translator

Multiple namespaces/files

Unlike most translation management services we offer the possibility to manage multiple files per project. We call them namespaces.

Proper pluralization

Different languages needs to know more information about the context. For example Polish suppose you have a singular and then you have a different plural depending on whether the number of things ends with 2, 3 and 4 or some other digit. And Romanian need a different plural for any group of objects greater than 20. Locize understands and correctly calculates your progress in the different languages by considering the different pluralization rules.

More than translation management

Locize significantly offers more then a pure translation management - which will help you stay organized after having the initial translation done:

  • Get new segments into your running project without replacing the complete file or even worse starting a new project

  • Add versions for your translation project like you do for your applications - without adding more segments you got to pay for

  • Using directly our CDN served translations in your application you can correct spellings or wrong translations without deploying your app again (you can even add new languages on the fly)

  • Some projects have a higher demand for privacy. To accomplish this, you can set your versions to publish to our CDN in private mode, secured by an API key.

  • You can order translations from a growing number of integrated services. Don’t waste your time hiring your own translators. Even more this services get the work done faster and cheaper.

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