i18next vs. locize

i18next is a popular JavaScript library for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) that can be used to add multiple languages support to web and mobile applications. i18next provides a simple and flexible way to translate applications and handle pluralization, date and number formatting, and other localization-related tasks.

While locize is a cloud-based translation management system that provides localization management, translation management, and translation delivery services. It can be used to manage translations for web and mobile applications, as well as any other type of software.

i18next and locize can be used together to handle the localization of a web or mobile application. i18next can be used to handle the localization within the application, while locize can be used to manage the translations and localization process. This will allows you to use i18next to translate your application and locize to manage your translations, you can use locize as a back-end for i18next.

In summary, i18next is a tool for handling localization within an application, while locize is a tool for managing translations and localization process for multiple applications and platforms.

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