Why is the pricing so complicated?

We are aware of the pricing could be confusing in the beginning - but guess it will make sense when you start using the service.

You will get charged on your monthly subscription date. The items are:

  • Words -> The costs for every word (all languages) stored in the version (normally latest) with most words (the word count is calculated by splitting the text by spaces and newlines, see some examples here)

  • Modifications -> Any translation (key/value) added, updated, deleted, imported or copied via UI or API or CLI (also for empty values)

  • Downloads -> Every translation file (not word) that gets downloaded from our CDN (if you’re using that feature)

The price per unit go down the higher your numbers are. For details check out the pricing page: https://locize.com/pricing.html (scroll down to the details).

An example:

You'll import 3'000 words for 3 languages: 3’000 words x 3 languages -> 9’000 words * 0.004 -> $36

Assuming 15 words per key, these 9'000 words are grouped in 600 keys: 600 added keys -> 600 modifications x 0.02 -> $12

Assuming 2 namespaces per language, and 300 downloads: 2 namespaces x 3 languages x 300 downloads -> 1'800 downloads x 0.0001 -> $0.18

This means you would be charged for: 9'000 words => $36 600 modifications => $12 => free during trial -> $0 1'800 downloads => $0.18 => free during trial -> $0 base fee => $5 total => $53.18 => $41

We suggest to import all your existing translations during the trial, this way all generated modifications are set to zero on subscription. The trial ends after the 14 days or as soon as you subscribe.

We know all those cost units can be confusing - but this is the only way to more or less get a fair pricing for all the different projects out there. Overall you will see costs below competitors while providing a lot more features. There is a 14d free trial you can start using without any obligations -> on the billing page you will have an overview over the costs of the current month.

A little advice: be aware that modifications and downloads are set to zero on subscription.

A simple price calculator can be found here.

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