Using locize
Why is there such a high download amount?
You may notice on your invoice or in your project statistics (i.e. on your Health / Metrics page) an elevated amount of high downloads.

Usually, this means one of the following reasons:

You've integrated i18next-locize-backend or using the download API in a serverless environment.

Due to how serverless functions work, you cannot guarantee that a cached version of your data is available. Serverless functions are short-lived, and can shut down at any time, purging any in-memory or filesystem cache. This will probably generate downloads for each serverless function invocation.
Solution: We suggest to download the translations in your CI/CD pipeline (via cli or via api) and package them with your serverless function.

You're creating a new i18next instance or initializing i18next on each request.

This will trigger i18next to fetch the translations again and generates new downloads on each request.
Solution: Try to redesign how the i18next initialization, to only have one i18next instance or alternatively clone the i18next instance.

You're using next-i18next with the i18next-locize-backend.

Depending on your Next.js deployment environment the root cause of this will be either because it's some kind of serverless environment or because a new i18next instance is created under the hood.
Solution: Follow this guide and bundle the translations with your Next.js app.

You've integrated the locize CDN directly in to your mobile app.

Due to how mobile apps work, when fetching remote data (like your translations), they will not be cached, event if you define some caching in locize. Such a setup will probably generate downloads on each app start.
Solution: We suggest to download the translations when packaging your app (via cli or via api) and bundle them with your mobile app. Alternatively, if you still want to have some sort of "live" fallback and you're using i18next with react-native, you may want to try the alternative caching with AsyncStorage.

Beside these reasons, you may want to make use of the caching possibility for general browser usage or other alternative caching approaches.

Last modified 5mo ago