You can create tenant projects based on your main project. All translations are anticipated for the tenant project and can be overridden, if necessary.


In the past multi-tenant projects solved their needs using extra namespaces or locales looking like en-x-customer1. We decided to provide our customers with a proper solution to the problem.

  • Your customers get their own project with restricted access - no longer your customers see each other.

  • You can decide to cover the costs or let the customers take the bill.

How does it work?

Navigate to the Multi-Tenant page:

There you can create a new tenant project:

The projects created under "Tenants" are based on the content of your main project. All the translations already existing and future changes are visible in the tenant project.

Users of the tenant project now have the choice to keep translations as provided by you or to override values as needed.

Overridden values are marked with the state icon overridden and can be filtered by that state:

The translations published to our CDN (or exported using the UI, CLI or API) are combined by the translations provided by you and the overridden values of your customers.

What about the pricing?

The costs are the same as in any other project. Downloads and modifications are calculated on usage. The word count is calculated based on the overridden values - so text already provided by the main project is not charged twice.

You can decide to cover those costs by subscribing those tenant projects using your main subscription or let the customer subscribe using his own credit card.

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