Auto - Machine Translation

Available only for subscribed projects.

There's an option in the project settings. With this option, all newly created keys in the reference language are automatically translated into the target languages using machine translation. Existing keys are not automatically translated, but you can also use machine translation in the bulk actions to accomplish this.

You can enable it by navigating to your project settings page, in the "EDITOR, TM/MT, ORDERING" tab and enable the "Enable the auto-machinetranslation Workflow" toggle button in the "Cat settings" card.

The whole automatic machine translation happens in the backend, this means you'll see the translated result after you've saved the new keys in reference language.

The automatic machine translation is also triggered when using update translations or missing translations endpoint via the API. If you use the saveMissing feature of i18next, make sure the fallbackLng option is set to the same language as your source language in locize.

This feature is only available on subscribed projects.

Each automatically machine translated key counts as normal modification.

Check out this section in the video to see how this can be used.

Example in combination with react-i18next saveMissing feature

Alternatively, use the machine translation task in the bulk actions...

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