Provide context information per key/segment, use the InContext view or assign screenshots.

Context information per key/segment

In the Focus view you can set a specific context information for each individual key/segment:
It accepts markdown syntax, this way you can style that context information in a simple way.
Check out this section in the video to see how the context information can be used.

InContext view

The InContext view enables you to directly connect content from your website / application with your content on your localization project on locize.
To know more about it, check out this guide.
Check out this section in the video to see how the InContext editor can be used.


Another great way to provide better context information for your translators, is using the screenshot feature.

1. Navigate to the screenshots page

2. Upload a screenshot

3. Assign keys/segments

4. Click the add button and find and select the appropriate key/segment

5. Optionally, you now can also define a bounding box around the text

6. In the Focus view, you'll now see that screenshot