Translation Memory

A translation memory (TM) is a database that stores sentences, that have previously been translated, in order to aid human translators.

Smart translation memory

In contrast to traditional translation memories the implementation inside locize brings following benefits:

  • better performance - the translation memory runs directly in your browser and provides faster results by not having to roundtrip to the server

  • the translation memory can be configured to use multiple projects - so you can reuse translations from all your existing projects

  • the translation management search works not only on exact language pairs but also shows results for languages of the same family, eg. en-GB results while you search in en-US

  • every result has a link back to it's source project which makes maintaining the memory and keeping translation consistency a breeze

Configuration of the translation memory

You can configure your translation memory by navigating to your project settings page, in the "EDITOR, TM/MT, ORDERING" tab and clicking the "Translation Memories" section in the "Cat settings" card. On new projects the service is enabled by default and the project itself is selected as translation memory source.

In the settings you can add / remove projects which should be used as translation memory source.

The translation memory will be loaded on startup and will be cached for 24h in your browsers indexedDB.

Using the translation memory

On every segment on the right side you will see the results in the appropriate tab. Clicking it will enable a translation memory lookup for this segment.

On every match you can accept the translation memory entry by just clicking it.

Check this section in the video to see how the Translation Memory can be used.

Are you working with multiple versions? Be aware that only the content of the published latest version of the referenced translation memory project is used.

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