Integrating locize into your website / application takes four steps. If you still got questions after reading the getting started guide - contact us.

Step 1) SignUp and create a project

Head over to our app and register. Create your first project on the dashboard after login.

Create a user accountAdd a new project

Step 2) Decide for a i18n instrumentation

Next you will need to instrument your code to enable the internationalization of your website. For more details on that read the instrument your code section.

Step 3) Add new / existing segments

You can add new segments or complete files using the web interface or the command line tool.

Using locizify or i18next you can enable the saveMissing option - doing so new segments will automatically added to your project.

Add content

Step 4) Translate your content

Start translating your content. Changes will be automatically published to our CDN and will be available to your users.

The different views

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