Translator / Agency

Configure the localistars service Navigate to your project's settings and select the "Services" tab. There, click on the "CONFIGURE" button for the localistars service.

Now enter your localistars credentials.

If you have multiple organisations, now you should select the appropriate one.

An Api-Key to access localistars from within locize is automatically created.

Finally, you have the chance to map your languages to fully qualified locales, this way it is more clear for the translator to know how the content should be translated.


To create a new translation order select "ORDERING" in your project's "MORE" menu.

Select your preferred options and confirm the creation.

For each ordered language a new localistars project is beeing created.

Now you can wait bids to be created for your project(s).

Make an offer

The new project shows up in your list of new job opportunities.

Based on the content and metrics provided make up your offer. If there is something unclear or do you need additional details, you can reach out to the potential client anytime.

Choose the right partner for your project

Choose the best price offer or the partner with the best reputation. The choice is yours.

The new partner is added to your list of possible translators so it's easier for you in future to work with the same people again.

Fund the project

Before the translator starts his work you will need to fund the project. We will take a hold on the payin until you approve the provided translations.

The translator can be sure the costs can be covered – while you can be sure to only be charged if you approve the content.

Translation work

Do what you are best at. Click on "Edit on reference", this will bring you to locize. You can choose how to login to locize. If you have a locize account, you can use that one or you can login with your localistars credentials. For this just click on the localistars logo and enter your localistars credentials. Once signed in, you're going to be automatically added to the appropriate locize project. Having the translations done, go back to localistars and submit the job. This way your client knows, you've done the job.

During the project you can reach out to your client at anytime via localistars chat.

Approve the content

If you are happy with the work of your translator you can approve the project. You can approve it in locize directly or in localistars.

If there is something missing or needs tweaking, give the translator a chance to improve the content or in worst case start a dispute workflow.

Get charged

With approving the project the provided funding will be payed out to the translator. You will get an invoice for your accounting.

All past transactions can be viewed in your organisations accounting section.

Get paid

Time to get paid. The cash will be transferred to your balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

There are all needed reports for your accounting (invoices, VAT reports, etc.) in your organisation section.