localistars - micro translate

localistars - micro translate is the best integrated translation job opportunity for locize. Just add your selected segments in the shopping cart and checkout.
This way of translation job ordering integrates the localistars marketplace smoothly with locize. You do everything within locize and never have to switch to a different interface. Also the payment is simple. Completed translation orders are just added to your existing locize invoice.

Select the segments

Open the Global View as usual.
Click the shopping cart button to add individual segments to the shopping cart:
Alternatively, use the bulk actions to add all filtered segments to the shopping cart:


Now open the shopping cart and click the checkout button:
Here you get an order summary and you can confirm it by clicking the order button:
After that you'll see an overview of the ordered segments:
As long as the translator did not start to work on a segment, you can cancel the order.

Wait for completion

Now the translators will start to work on your orders, they will see something like this:
As soon as a segment is translated, the translation in locize will be automatically updated and the orders list also updates the state of the order as completed:
In the history tab in the Focus View, you'll also see a new entry:


All completed orders will be simply included in your next invoice: